Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is about Copenhagen. Here were all the great world leaders of all the great industrial countries, the ones causing climate change by their ever increasing burning of fossil fuels. Then there were the people from the rest f the world. The ones who suffer the consequences of climate change. Small island nations drowning in the rising sea waters. The entire continent of Africa staring at a drought that will result in a terrible famine. They told the big rich polluting carbon burning countries they have got to stop what they are doing. They need to change what they call their lifestyle, which is to say the manic production and consumption of their endless bigger and shinier and more deadly products. And the great leaders of the big countries said we will not change anything. we will go on consuming and polluting and climate changing all we want to. If you poor people down South suffer and die because of our economic policies, well we can't help it. We are capitalists, and our first responsibility is neither to you nor even the planet Earth. We make money for our own greedy selves and our own greedy stockholders. Yor misery and the planets are the price of doing business our way.

That really happened. They really said that even if it meant the end of the world, they were going to continue the same rapacious brutal economic policies that had tormented the majority world for the last 500 years.

Maybe they will. Maybe though, just maybe, we will rise up and stop them.