Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hard to know just where we are right now. In the bush days many people thought somebody was pulling his strings- that he himself was not creating and carrying out the big plans. Starting the wars, opening the gulag, all those things. And looking back it still seems that way. But what's up with obomber? He was something different in the campaign. So what happened? It's increasingly difficult to believe he is really president. Yeah he did warn us he was going to hit Afghanistan, but he didn't say this hard, he didn't say Pakistan. And he certainly never warned about those wretched drones. So now all the wars are worse than ever.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the corporitoscracy by now, that we are not a democracy but run by big corporations. If they didn't know it before, they must surely have figured it out with the huge bailouts everyone knows about, and the insurance give away he calls health care.
I still hear people complain about obomber having broken this or that promise, as if he were really president, and could do whatever he wanted to. Because I don't think that's how it works.
I think corporate bosses told him to do the bailouts, and to make sure we can keep on with our profligate consuming habits at Copenhagen, and now offshore oil drilling. This is kind of spectacular because we all know how bush loved drilling for oil, but he never even brought this up- about lifting a 20 year ban on drilling off the East coast. And that's what obomber just did. So I find it very hard to believe anyone but the corporate elites are running the country, and they told obomber he could be CEO of U. S. long as he does as he is told.



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