Friday, August 21, 2009

The indigenous Dongria Kondh people of India live on and around a mountain called Niyamgiri. A british aluminum mining company has found out that there is bauxite, from which aluminum is made, in this mountain.
Because they are "civilized" and so have no way of understanding indigenous people or their deep spirituality, the Vedanta mining corp, based in London, is using its considerable power and influence to destroy the mountain looking for bauxite. But doing so will also destroy the life and culture of the Dongria Kondh. Many, many people have rallied in support of the people, including Arundhati Roy and Bianca Jagger.

All over the Global South indigenous people have been fighting for their survival against huge, too wealthy corporations whose only value is profit, and who have never hesitated to raid and even kill indigenous people if they can see monetary gain in doing so.

I believe that this is a fight the Dongria Kondh must win. They are an extremely brave and tenacious people, and if they can defeat the miners who are trying to destroy them, it will be a great victory that will inspire many people in the Global South. Maybe it will even send a message to other greedy capitalists. That a united and determined people can still beat them.


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