Friday, April 30, 2004

Terrorists are people who wage a kind of war against powerful, heavily armed forces they can not fight in traditional warfare. They don't expect real victories. What they want is to make people jittery and nervous wondering where and at whom they will strike next. Or just walk around scared all the time. In this sense, Osama scored big time on 9-11, because that one act has made the U.S. a nation of scairdy cats, all we can do is act from fear. Bush's entire presidency is dedicated to fear, it has no other idea. Homeland security is fear. Ashcroft is fear.
Dropping mega bombs on defenseless people is cowardly, and also comes from fear..

Then too all Bush’s actions after 9-11 have resulted in more terror, not less. One of the consequnces of acting from fear. The U.S. has tons of military hardware- everyone knows that, and we knew it before all this started. To hurl that power at Islam, at Arabs, at anyone who might be a terrorist achieves one thing only: more terror, and a lot more terrorists. That is Osama’s other victory.