Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sometimes I don't blog cause I figure everything has been said. But today I do not think this is the case. What I'd like to hear is somebody start wtriting true stories. To do this you cannot use the same lingo the empire uses. You should not say "war on terror" for example. This is what they call it I know. But if you say "The president announced today a change in strategy for his War for Oil...".Or maybe "his war of lies" it would help the people get a grip for a change. Don't ever refer to Iraqis as "the enemy" or as "insurgents" Say "the pentagon announced today that American troops had killed 23 civilians along with 12 young men defending their country against foreign invaders". And this concept extends to- is maybe especially crucial- in reporting casualties. " The pentagon announced today that six more American servicepeople had their lives stolen while trying to cover up Bush's lies". Why I think this is, I hear every day about guys enlisting. They do this only because their news sources speak in the rhetoric of their delusioional president. So let's tell people the real truth before they sign up.