Wednesday, March 24, 2004

we don't want free trade cause it's not free. What it is is it means fabulously wealthy megacorporations from rich countries take over and control what people in poor countries can do. Or can't. when some country is flat broke, they need to borrow money, from where it is, in the very rich countries banks. With the loan come instructions what these countries need to do. They need to, privatize anything that isn't. That means money that country could be making from whatever it is will be handing over this profitable enterprise to a very rich multinational corporation. Does this help? it does not. It impoverishes poor people while enriching companies that have way too much money now. So money continues to flow backwards, from the poor to the rich. And it keeps getting worse. Africa, in case you didn't know has got a horrendous AIDS epdemic. They have figured out how to make the drugs they need. But they can't use them because they are patented by big pharma, and big pharma can't hear you talking when you say "Let's try to sve some lives" They can hear "profits", and "more more more money for us". But even when you show them pictures of those pitiful AIDS orphans, or a mom who is hopelessly dying, and can't get any drugs they don't care about them either.

Here's an easy way to remember what this is about. When they say "free trade" you need to translate that as what it is: "Imperial domination" Then at least you will understand why we are in revolt against it.