Sunday, February 01, 2004

David Kay says we had no excuse to go to war in Iraq. He also says it was the spooks' fault. They convinced a naive and too credulous pres, and the scretary of war, and Karl and Condi, they just had to go to war. Across the pond judge Hutton says the same thing happened there too, only the BBC did it to poor Tony. My my. What duplicitous pervarications will they think up next? Will there be no end to these lies and lying liars telling them?

Listen America- Bush and Blair lied us into this war. We knew it when they started it, we knew it was all lies, the WMD, the al Queda, the "he can nuke England in 45 minutes" and those oh so deadly empty trailers. All lies. Bush and Blair lies. Not spooks, not the BBC. Now that everyone knows what anyone who can read knew all along, these guys sound like they are preparing the defense for their war crimes trial. I wonder if they would ever try telling any of this stuff to any of their victims. The families of the thousands of Iraquis, the 500+ American troops who were killed for their lies.