Sunday, January 18, 2004

Nothing changes. Well more people get killed. But no one says "can anyone think of something else to do? Besides killing people I mean?" Why don't they ever think of that? I saw them in today's paper, they had a couple teenagers they had caught trying to flee the scene of this huge explosion. You know? Like duh, we're supposed to stay here? Yes they are because when they start running they become "suspects" They are suspected of being Iraqi, which means they are not loyal to procunsul Bremer.

Another thing. I always was a pacifist, and I'm really old now. When was liking peace pronounced unpatriotic? Whose stupid idea was that? Peace rocks. Who doesn't know that? Just what is the problem? What is so difficult to understand? Think about it. You get pissed at somebody, you go and shoot up their country, drop those huge bombs on them. Then the families of your victims snipe at your humvees. What a surprise. How can they not enjoy these bombings and shootings? Why don't they like an occupying army running their country? Did the thought ever cross your stupid military loony minds that no one ever wants to be invaded and occupied by a hostile army?
It's as sure as Newton's law: You do violence to somebody, they will do violence to you. And it can't end until you understand that peace is the way.