Monday, January 19, 2009

I didn't say a word about Gaza, and I'm really sorry. I apologize to my sisters and brothers in Gaza, and to all of Palestine. On the other hand I have been vert busy everywhere else, talking about it. Also I have become a proud member of Palestinian Mothers.
Anyway I suppose everyone else has heard and seen and read enough. So we should all know by now.

There is one thing though. My own perception was that we were witnessing a horrendous massacre carried out by the world's 3d biggest military force against unarmed civilians trapped in a refugee camp. This seemed very obvious to me. I saw more than enough video and photos and read enough stories so I had no doubt about what I was witnessing. So then when I heard people talking about how the victims were responsible for their missing limbs, it was all their fault for annoying the Israelis, I could not understand where they could have got such an idea. But I thought well look, the u.s. military has been murdering Afghanistan for 8 years and many people besides the crazy generals don't seem to have any problem with this. Same thing in Iraq. So it occurs to me that my fellow citizens have become brutalized from so much violent one sided "warfare" that this seems normal to them. Talk about losing your moral compass.It's true that the goons in Washington have tried to convince us this is all as it should be that this is a new thing called "war on terror" so it's really entirely justified. And the people who are supposed to be reporting news to us refuse to do so, only repeating the same lies they were told in Washington.

It may be expecting too much but I would love to her the new president explain in his inaugural address that there is not, and indeed cannot be any such thing as a war on terror.