Sunday, August 29, 2004

Right now they are assualting Iraq more fiercely than ever. Why? Who's the "enemy" now?. Let's review.
First they said Saddam was a menace, an imminent threat, he can nuke London in 45 minutes. Not only that, he was an international terrorist, probably, and connected to Osama. Because they could get no one in their right mind to believe any of this, they had to go and attack anyway. Then they got Saddam, so they had regime change. Then they got Bremmer, which was really a puppet government, and they went right on bombing. Then they installed an Iraqi puppet, taught him to say "bomb", which was the only policy the Americans ever had, and continued as before. But the Shia Muslims, previously Saddam's victims, rose to resist the American invasion. The Sunnis of course had never wanted them there anyway. Now the whole country is against this so called war, so we are sending in more attack helicopters and 130s. They say they are hitting "militants" or "mahdis". Who they hit though is still the good citizens trying to stay alive. It's true there is a Shia Muslim cleric named al Sadr who is telling the Americans to get out of his country. So it now it appears everyone in Iraq wants the U.S. out of their country. No more shootings, bombings, and no more occupation. So who is the enemy we insist on continuing to kill? Who but the people of Iraq?