Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Why I think about people and children living in countries far a way is I teach ESL and literacy in a public high school multicultural program. It's for students for whom there's no bilingual program, kids who spaek fula, swahili, hindi, mandinke- languages like that. Many are refugees from places like Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Kurdistan, where there has been lots of war. Often the schools are closed or else the kids have been on the run so long they could not go to school. If I was not already a pacifist I would be now after seeing what war has done to my kids. So anyway, when they get here, they need to learn to read and write and do math. That's what I do. I teach them those beginning things. I'm sorry they could not go to school before, but at the same time I am very glad they are finally safe, and got to our school, and that I can teach them. Because they really, really want to learn, and they are all the best kids ever, and it is so much fun to do this with them.