Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now Pakistan is going to evict the Afghan refugees, and bulldoze their camps. Those people became refugees because after 9/11 the americans started looking around for somebody to bomb, to get revenge. Afghanistan was selected because they were the most pitiful and defenseless country on the planet. I know that a lot of people believed the stupid excuses that were offered- it must have been Osama, and he might be hiding out in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. Actually way too many people swallowed this tripe, and his royal looniness was given the go ahead by a supine congress. With one glorious exception. Barbara Lee stood up and said don't do it. And she said something else that will someday be engraved in big stone letters: "Let us not become the evil we deplore" Which is of course exactly what we have become. Or in truth we far exceeded Barbara's worst fears. Yes we have become the evil we deplore, but we have gone much further than that- secret renditions, the gulag containing at least 30,000 innocent people who will never see daylight again, the whole Iraq disaster, and on and on. But there was never any reason to pile more destruction on Afghanistan. To make their homeland uninhabitable. Which it surely now is. No Afghan wants to go back. They are afraid they'll starve. Among other horrors they might face. No sympathy from Pakistan. Just leave. so where are the once proud americans now? Why is no effort being made to help our own victims? The whole world already knew about our destructive abilities. we need to show them we can do something good for a change. Spare no effort to see to it that everyone in Afghanistan has a safe place to live and enough to eat. Of course it's a big job. of course it will cost us. But that's what happens
when you attack poor defenseless countries.
Yes and the same things must be done for all of Iraq's refugees.