Sunday, April 18, 2004

Now we are getting reports of 600+ civilians killed in Fallujah. Most of the details are supplied by aid workers and medics who have bravely gone into a very dangerous war zone to try to rescue as many people as they can manage. But there are others- even the New York Times itself reports kids and old men and women getting shot or hit by artillery. This is not accidental or unintnded. It is premeditated murder of innocent people, ordered by American military officers and- who else, Rumsfeld? Could they do it without his knowledge? Not likely. Cheney, Bush?

What is different about Fallujah is that it is a planned military action. Marines are on rooftops sniping anything that moves, anyone they can line up in the crosshairs, women and children included as intended targets. Misssles are being fired into the city, and anti personnel cluster bombs blowing people up. Prior to this, when civilians were killed they were almost always reported as accidents, unintended cosequences, or mistakes we apologized for. Not this time. This time they are doing it on purpose. No one is apologizing. Our country has never sunk so low.

Why do they hate us? After Fallufah how can they not hate us? Not just Arabs or Muslims but all decent people everywhere must hate us. I hate us.