Thursday, June 30, 2005

Almost a year and it only gets worse. More killing, more lies. The Downing street memos came out last month and now everyone in the whole world knows for sure they were lying all the time. They are even beginning to find out about this in the United States. Imagine that. Well it's not like the authoities decided to level with us, or the press decided to start reporting, it was just about how they can't hide from the internet. But of course we always knew they were lying what could be more obvious.

Anyway the armed forces of the United States continue their massacre of Iraq. And now we are beginning to find out what the deal is with the prisoners. You know how they go and kick in somebody's door and go stomping around and arresting people? Those people are among the ten thousand innocents in our gulags. Really. Once in prison they become terrorist suspects or whatever. But in truth they are just Iraqi people. Like the "insurgents". All these people are imprisoned and tortured without charges, without any rights at all, in violation of our laws and international laws and human decency. Can we stop Now?