Thursday, September 04, 2008

Now they are having elections in the U.S. These are not like the ones they have in some other countries, where there is only one guy running so it's not a real election. Here we have two people running from the two wings of the capitalist party. Anyway, they can get very excited about it. Today there is lots of ink in the papers bout the Republicans, because it's their turn now, and also have chosen a woman to run for vice president. We now know many things about Ms. Palin, and her family. She likes guns and hunting caribou. She loves big oil. Many , many things. Her friends and admirers have a lot to say about her. They also like McCain better. All this is going on against a backdrop of nothing. No one ever says " Hey Ms. Palin, how about all those dead women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq?" No one ever mentions these things. Many disturbing reports are coming out of Afghanistan about bombing the wrong targets, about killing civilians, bombing their pitiful mud huts. Not that this is unusual- it has been going on for seven horrible years, and it never seems to change. The bombs are dropped, the villagers are killed, the survivors scream and cry and no one hears them. And the military says they did not make a mistake. They heard there were "insurgents" around there somewhere. Just possibly a few days later we will find out the original reports from the villagers were
correct, and on very special, very rare occasions, some officer might express some regret. Not apologize mind you. Just kinda wishes he didn't kill so many innocents, as he continues with the bombs.

So I am writing my sincere apologies to all the good people of Afghanistan and iraq, for what my country has done and is doing to you, and right now for spending so much time talking about who should be president without ever mentioning you.