Friday, November 29, 2002

What that's about is, during the Gulf War, in 1991, the U.S. bombed what they called Iraq's "infrastructure". These were essentially civilian targets, and the idea was if they take out the water treatment plants and electric grid, the Iraqis would never be able to fix anything, because we had a blockade in place to stop that. So the result would be epidemic levels of water borne diseases- cholera, typhus, diarrhea, polio. And that's what happened. Then we also prevented them from getting any vaccines to prevent those diseases, or medicines or hospital equipment to treat them. Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly children under the age of five, died as a result. The U.N. estimates over a million, and 4,000 kids continue to die every month. Think about that. A World Trade Center full of toddlers, every month. Is this America? Is this really who we are? Is it who you want us to be? Come join the peace movement so we can start acting like humans again.

well today I was thinking I sure do hope they don't start bombing Iraq because those people over there, they are so miserable from what we've been doing to them the last eleven years, what I thought would be a great idea is spend all that war money to rebuild the water treatment plants we bombed, fix the electricity, rebuild the hospitals, send food, send doctors. Oh yeah and the vaccines we would not let them have and the medicine, all that stuff we've been blockading. Also clean up the depleted uranium. That's my thought today.