Saturday, June 20, 2009

It will not matter how many nice things the new president might do if he can't stop bombing Afghanistan. This was a crazy idea from the beginning, and it only happened because the u.s. citizens were out of their minds with fear and hate when the towers got hit. They wanted revenge, and it did not much matter to them who got hit. But that was 8 years ago. It seems reasonable to expect people to have recovered their wits by now. They have not, and that's already pathetic enough. And now here is mr. change- hope icon Obama arriving at the insane notion that more bombs on Afghanistan would somehow serve a useful purpose - I'm guessing he got some bad advice from that moron posse he surrounded himself with, but that's hardly an excuse.
Afghanistan has not known peace for 40 years. In october of 2001 when the bombs started falling, the people were cold and hungry, dying of hunger and freezing.
The assault on them then was a hideous, inexcusable war crime form the moment the first bombs fell.
Dropping still more bombs now on those pitiful little mud hut villages, the shepherds and wedding parties is beyond monstrous.

I know that many people, some even opposed to the Iraq massacre, somehow believed- and do- that it was ok to hit Afghanistan. How anyone could ever have imagined anything like that is beyond me. It has always mystified the Afghans too. Village after village, atrocity after atrocity, poor illiterate peasants have no idea why we are doing this. Neither do I. But it's got to stop.