Friday, February 02, 2007


1. When the United States invaded Iraq They did so for no legitimate reason. It was an act of unprovoked aggression.

2. The excuses offered by the government were lies, and everyone knew they were lies. Iraq posed no threat to the U.S. or England or Israel.

3. Launching a war of aggression was pronounced the ultimate war crime at Nuremberg. Nothing has changed since then- it was and is and always will be a war crime.

4. The people of Iraq have every right to defend themselves from a hostile invading army by any means they can find.

5. No matter how many times the military or the politicians may describe some Iraqis as “militants” or “insurgents” or “the enemy” these Iraqis are in fact people legitimately fighting to defend their homeland from a foreign invader.

6. Our government has been arresting and imprisoning people, holding them in secret prisons without charges, with no trials or access to their families or to an attorney, and torturing them. No one knows who these people are or what the government imagines they may have done, or how many of them are in these prisons. All of this is against international law and the U.S. Constitution.

7. When you are asked to “support our troops” you are agreeing to support all the lies that put them in Iraq, all the murders they commit every day, all the bombings, the illegal arrests and imprisonments and torture. You are also supporting a delusional president’s mad wish to keep getting them killed.