Wednesday, April 07, 2004

People who like peace are opposed to war for many reasons, mostly cause so many peple get killed when you have wars. But another reason is it seems so unbelieably stupid. A stupid cycle of violence begetting more violence, answered by still more violence and it never ends. What is so hard to understand about that? Israel gets hit with a suicide bomber. Sharon says "I know what. I will bulldoze some houses, shoot some people, fire rockets at them. Then they will stop. One of the rockets lands on somebody's mother. So somebody straps on the explosives and blows himself up and kills Isaraelis. So Sharon says " I know what. I'll bulldoze some houses and shoot some rockets at a refugee camp. That will stop them" Do I have to keep going? Violence gets more violence. It's just like Newton's law. It ain't gonna change.

So when bush wanted to bomb Afghanistan we said don't do it george it will just recruit more al-qaedas. But no he would not listen to us. Then he decided to invade Iraq. We said don't do it george. War does not work. But he really wanted it so he did it. Now look.

Of course the Iraqi people did not want to get bombed and shot at. So they got mad. They resisted. george, in the white house far from battle said "bring 'em on!". They brought it on. At least 12 marines killed yesterday. So today they got this extremely intelligent idea. It looks like they are getting mad at us. Let's see how mad they will get if we blow up a mosque. Right. They did blow up a mosque and killed 40 praying Muslims. Now they are sure that no one will do anything bad. If you think that come back tomorrow. And the day after that. As long as you keep on being violent, you will be greeted with more worse violence. What were you expecting, rose petals? as a matter of fact these stupid stupid fools did.