Friday, May 09, 2008

Omar Khalid is back in the dock, facing charges of being a child soldier (he was captured when he was 15) and getting shot in the back twice by our brave and courageous fighting crybabies.

Shouldn't really be hard to get an acquittal if we were dealing with any known form of jurisprudence in the history of the western world except for the one currently operating out of the white house.
to begin with when you invade another country, drop bombs and shoot rockets, well you naturally expect the local people to shoot back. you do not capture them and charge them with murder. never. unheard of. it's crazy.
and is there even one tiny shred of evidence to indicate Omar did it? there is none. if there was a real judge in a real court, he'd dismiss the whole non- case in 2 seconds
yeah sure but why go on? they have been at this so long now no one expects rational behavior from them anymore.

the rest of the world though should be screaming at us to stop. or maybe bring murder charges against our troops.....