Sunday, October 02, 2005

So Lynndie gets 3 years in the slammer for fooling around with prisoners, and her boyfriend with the camera. When will Rumsfeld and gen. Myers and while we're at it the president himself be tried for prisoner abuse? Because I mean they are the people who made the policies of systemic abuse that is going on right now all over the american gulag from Afghanistan to Iraq to Gitmo. It's been going on since they started bombing Afghanistan, and has never stopped. Last I heard they had 30,000 Iraqis locked up with no charges, no lawyers, no contact with families. And all those people are getting treated as bad as or worse than what Lynndie did. If any of these people is ever found guilty, their "crime" will be defending their country from an invading army. This is what insurgents do, the people also referred to as "the enemy".

Yes and please do not forget that this is a war for lies. The excuses offered by the administration for attacking have now been proven false. So why are they still fighting? Why are innocent Iraqis being killed, and why are american troops doing it? And when those troops get killed and shipped back please don't try to pretend they died for freedom or any other worthy cause. They all died for Bush's lies.


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